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Fall Season  |  Kodiak Island  |  $12,000

If you want a low elevation long-haired Billy with a 99% success rate, our area is the hunt for you. Our goats are found between 1500 and 2500 feet above sea level and are hunted in October and November for pristine winter coats. We average between 8.5” and 9” horn length with a majority of the hunts finishing in less than three days.


These low, rugged mountains do require moderate climbing ability and physical demand, but the rewards are priceless. For a majority of the hunts, we use the spike camp method of travel. Carrying tents, food, and gear for multiple days up into goat country gives us the ultimate spotting and stalking advantage when perusing these goats. Come in really good shape and we can take the one day challenge in walking from main camp to your goat and back again in one long day.


Due to the high population levels of these goats, Alaska has made it a registration permit hunt, so you are guaranteed a tag while still not having other non-resident pressure on refuge ground. 

Mike Minette
Shane Quinn
Mark Caspers
Ryan Chanceler
Fred Solinger
Bill Fesenmaier
Jason Cabrini Paiz
Randy Jump
Dave Flum
Clay Goldman
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