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Spring and Fall  |  Kodiak Island  |  $25,000

Brown bear hunts out of our camp have a history of success and comfort. Hunting on Refuge land, there will be no competition from other non-resident hunters and you will be guaranteed a tag with us. Our heated guest cabins will give you a warm and dry place to come back to every night and our home-cooked meals will be the perfect end after a day in the woods.


Our hunts are 12 days long and we have a 100% success rate on bears 8-9 feet square and 66% on bears larger than 9 feet squared (percentages exclude archery). Luck is a huge factor in obtaining large bears, but our area has proven to produce year in and year out some of the largest bears on the island.


The hunts are strictly spot and stalk by finding a good vantage point and using patience and expert binocular spotting in finding an animal. Our guides have years of bear guiding experience along with trusted size judgement and stalking skills. Big bears have been harvested in our area for decades under the Lamoureux family and we are confident in the continuation of this high rate of success. 

John Neilson Spring Hunt
Chuck Dawson Spring Hunt
Shane Quinn Fall Hunt
Craig Borzillo Spring Hunt
Roberts Pratt Fall Hunt
Gilbert Valdez Spring Hunt
Ryan Chanceler Fall Hunt
Hunter Wiggington Spring Hunt
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